Tweetroot - Twitter Word Clouds

Get to the root of Twitter by creating word clouds to help visualize the most frequent words being tweeted.  Read between the tweets and discover what a @user tweets about the most or what reactions a #hashtag is generating.

 Tweetroot for iOS

Tweetroot pulls in a stream of recent tweets and analyzes what words are being used most frequently across them. From this data, it then creates a colorful collage that highlights the top recurring words in the tweets.   This gives you insight into the behavior of your favorite Twitter users, the public response to hashtags and even your own tweeting habits.

 Tweetroot for iOS

Tweetroot has over 35 color palettes and over 20 fonts you can mix and match to customize your word clouds.  When you’re done, you can easily share your creations via social networks & apps including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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